...which would've been cool, but we did get those Traveling Wilburys and Sammy Hagar tracks that nobody else ever plays for ya, so it's all good...

Sammy Hagar "V.O.A." album cover, July 1984. (Courtesy of Geffen Records)

WBLM From A-To-Z/Classic Lunch Servin' Up The Tail End Of The Letter "T" Section...: "Tush" - ZZ Top / "Tusk" - Fleetwood Mac / "TV Dinners" - ZZ Top / "Tweeter And The Monkey Man" - The Traveling Wilburys / "Twentieth Century Fox" - The Doors / "Twice As Hard" - The Black Crowes / "Twilight Zone" - Golden Earring / "Twist And Shout" - The Beatles / "Twisting By The Pool" - Dire Straits / "Two Hearts Beat As One" - U2 / "Two Of Us" - The Beatles / "Two Out Of Three" - Meat Loaf / "Two Sides Of Love" - Sammy Hagar

Just so ya know (since the lunch break ran out-of-time), the final "T" titles were: "Two Steps Behind" - Def Leppard and "Two Tickets To Paradise" - Eddie Money. Looks like Classic Lunch will be servin' up The Letter "W" tomorrow, until then, "Where's the aspirin?"