We're not as young as we used to be and if the icy sidewalks weren't treacherous enough to begin with, add in some Guinness and things really get dangerous!

Injuries caused by over-indulging in alcohol rise on St. Patty's Day. Here are some stats to read on your phone in the emergency room:

  • The body parts you are most likely to injure are your hand, arm, leg, face and head.
  • Vodka is the most dangerous drink for the ladies and for the guys, it's beer.
  • The most common places for a drunken accident are: house parties, the bar, at home and in a restaurant.
  • The average drinker will suffer from two alcohol related injuries and they happen the most at 22 years old but spike again at 25 and 35.
  • The most common injuries from drinking too much are: sprains, cuts, bruises, scratches and broken bones.

Those drunken fights that you might witness on the way home? 23% of the people involved in them won't even remember how they started!

Be safe out there, drink plenty of water, eat something and never drive if you've been drinking.


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