Conspiracy theories about the Blimp's 4 Millionth Song are running rampant!  We're hearing all kinds of crazy and wonderful theories about what we will choose for this momentous occasion in Blimp history. Will it be the FIRST song we ever played back in 1973? That would be the Moody Blues "The Story in Your Eyes."


OR, with Beatles Night(s)  and the Beatles A to Z coming up this weekend, maybe it will be a Beatles song? We DO use some Beatles clips at the top of every for our Legal ID. Hmmmmmm.


Orrrrrr,  with our 4 millionth song coming right up around Thanksgiving, could it...would it..should it....possibly be Alice's Restuarant... a song we only play ONE TIME A YEAR?  Honestly, we DO NOT YET KNOW what our 4 Millionth Song IS or exactly WHEN it will happen. And you still have time to enter YOUR CHOICE:



Either way, we’re wicked excited to hear Tommy C's annual broadcast of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” at high noon on Thanksgiving Day! On the Blimp turntable, the original WBLM Litchfield Trailer Vinyl copy will be spinning in its entirety.
The Blimp's playing of Alice's Restuarant was immortalized 5 years ago with a great national piece by Mo Rocca on CBS News

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