Mr. David Coverdale and Whitesnake return to Maine this Sunday night with a show at the amazing Maine State Pier.  We checked the Blimp records and found this will be Whitesnake show #8 for the Pine Tree State and their first show here in 26 years!

Where you at any of these Whitesnake shows?

  • June 28th 1990; SEAPac in OOB
  • February 6, 1990 CCCC in Portland
  • July 22, 1988 CCCC in Portland
  • July 22, 1988 CCCC in Portland
  • May 22, 1988 CCCC in Portland
  • May 7, 1988 CCCC in Portland
  • Jan 24, 1988 CCCC in Portland
  • August 7, 1987 CCCC in Portland

Wow, the boys pretty much lived here in 1988.

Tickets are still available for the show. And the Maine State Pier is a great place to rock out. Plus, this may be the LAST time we see David Coverdale and Whitesnake on the road. Recently, Coverdale told Ultimate Classic Rock that he was thinking that this could be “a farewell to the big rock stuff… I’m 64 in September, brother! You know, you can only tune ‘Still of the Night’ down so far. So I have to be able to do my thing and know it is working. I don’t want to be intimidated about going on stage.”



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