We can't confirm that this man has gone 'postal' (see what we did there?), but it would seem to me that paddling a surfboard to work in the North Atlantic in early march would be a strong indicator. The rest of us won't even dip our toes in the water this time of the year, and this guy is out there on a surfboard- wowza!

Jeremy Averill is from Mount Desert Island but works as a postman in Salsbury Cove. However, his commute on Tuesday (Yes, March 9th!) was a little different then you might expect. Jeremy paddled the more than 2 miles from his home on MDI to Salsbury Cove on his yellow surfboard.

According to News Center Maine, the 'help window' at the small post office that Jeremy works at doesn't open until 12:30 in the afternoon so it gave him plenty of time to paddle to work wetsuit and all. For the record, Jeremy is no stranger to paddling as he's been surfing for years. Recently he and his family moved to Maine into the home they used to visit as kids when they would come up from New Hampshire.

Additionally, this isn't the first time he has taken his surfboard to work in Maine and on Tuesday he said that it was one of the 'warmer days' that he has done it. March 9th was one of your 'warmer days'?!

Check out some video that New Center Maine captured of Averill out on his board!

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