It's Week 10 for the NFL season and the Patriots seem to be rolling. Josh Gordon has gotten into the Patriots groove and the offense is humming. All of this without Sony Michel and TE Rob Gronkowski who have been out with injuries. Plus the Pats are facing some less challenging teams in the next few weeks. Now call me crazy but I really believe that the, with everyone healthy, and against some sub-par teams, that TB12 and the Pats could put up 60 POINTS IN A GAME. Yes, they are that good.

WIll it happen this week against the Titans?  Well, let me bring you back to Pats-Titans in 2009 when TB12 threw for SIX touchdowns and the Pats set a record for largest margin for a win. The final? 59-0.


The boys already have their game faces on for this business trip...


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