Wild animals frequently remind me that humans are just like any other animals out there.

A mama bear is just as protective over her cub as a human mama is over her newborn infant. Similarly, a bear cub is just as curious and playful as a human toddler baby.

Don't believe me?

Remember exercise balls? These ones:

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Everyone played with these suckers, right? I mean, think of the first thing you would do as a kid when you saw these. One of three things came to your mind:

1. Kick it.

2. Bounce on it.

3. Lay on top of it and roll off the other side.

It turns out that bear cubs are just as silly and curious as human toddlers. Here is a super cute video of three bear cubs playing with some backyard balls left out in in a backyard in New Hampshire.

We have three bear cubs. One follows mom. One inspects the exercise ball (before committing). One completely rolls on top of the ball like a human toddler would.

Although a very adorable, funny, and memorable video, bear cubs seen with their mother are nothing to laugh at in person.

"Mother bears are rarely aggressive toward humans, but they are protective of their cubs," according to the NH State Wide Life website. "A mother bear will usually give many warning signs (huffing or popping sounds, swatting the ground or even bluff charges) to let you know that you are too close."

It would be so hard to not go play with these curious cubs, but remember to always keep your distance from bears, adults or cubs. If you ever encounter a bear, be sure to make your presence known by clapping, talking, or yelling "hey bear" like they always do on survival shows.

Should you ever be in a situation where a bear is actually coming to attack you, know that "bears can outrun, out-swim and out-climb you", according to the NH State Wildlife. "If you are attacked by a black bear, you should fight back rather than "play dead."'

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