I'm sure we have all tried to plan a date before, and it turns out to not go as planned.

One partner may be left out because they had a food allergy, or the restaurant was packed with loud annoying children, or it started to rain during your outdoor picnic.

Planning a date night in New Hampshire can take a lot of work if you are trying to impress your partner.

I know I have had my fair share of bad luck when it comes to planning a perfect date night. The weather in New Hampshire can be unpredictable.

One night, I had planned for my boyfriend and I to go to Weirs Drive-in Movie Theater in Laconia, New Hampshire. However, my perfect plan failed due to an intense thunder and rain storm.

I recently posted on Facebook asking you all about some great date spots in New Hampshire. I was very pleased to see the amount responses shared.

I found that there was one common date night spot that many of you agreed upon, which I happened to make the top date night spot.

To start off, if you and your partner couldn't find a babysitter in time or just want to feel like a kid again, then you should check out this 5th most-raved date spot...

Funspot in Laconia, New Hampshire

Funspot via Facebook
Funspot via Facebook

Funspot offers fun activities for children and adults. There is no shame in wanting to feel like a kid again for a night.

If you gave me some tokens, I for sure would go nuts playing ski ball for a few hours. Learn more here about what Funspot offers.

The 4th fun date spot may intrigue some of you who have a partner that needs a little help in the kitchen.

Chez Boucher in Durham, New Hampshire

Who doesn't love eating home-cooked food? Take the time to perfect your cooking skills by learning from Chez Boucher.

Chez Boucher offers cooking classes in Durham, New Hampshire, on The University of New Hampshire campus. You can learn more by visiting their website here. 

The 3rd fun date night spot may come of interest to those that have a creative side.

Muse Paintbar in Manchester, New Hampshire

Muse Paintbar via Facebook
Muse Paintbar via Facebook

If you and your partner are super creative, then you should check out Muse Paintbar in Manchester, New Hampshire. You have the opportunity to paint or draw a picture for your partner that they may or may not hang up in their home.

Either way, it's the thought and experience that counts!

Learn more about Muse Paintbar here.

This 2nd fun date night spot will without a doubt entertain you and your partner for the night.

The Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The Music Hall is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and offers a wide variety of shows that you and your partner can attend. This spot was mentioned a few times on Facebook, so I felt that it should be ranked number two.

I have also had the pleasure to see a few plays and concerts at this location. Oh man, oh man, did I mention the popcorn is to DIE FOR?

To learn more about upcoming shows and concerts at The Music Hall, click here. 

The 1st and highly-mentioned fun date spot on Facebook, which I had to agree with due to my past experience, is...

The Adventure Suites in North Conway, New Hampshire

Adventure Suites via Facebook
Adventure Suites via Facebook

Ever thought about sleeping in a log cabin, cave, or dragon's layer? The Adventure Suites located in North Conway, New Hampshire, is definitely a fun date night spot.

I have stayed at the Adventure Suites three times in my life, and still have dreams about this magical place.

Visit the website here for more information. 

Have you been to any of these spots? What are some places you would put on the list instead? Let me know!

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