I Googled outdoor Christmas trees to come up with some ideas for the tree on our back deck. I stumbled upon Apartmenttherapy.com where they had some great tips from Coastal Living magazine. They really know what's up, so I'll share what I learned:

  • First off, this is Maine so don't limit yourself to convention. Work with what you've got. Pile up some lobster traps and string them with lights or go all out and decorate your tractor or brother's broke down, stoved up Jeep that's become a lawn ornament at your place.
  • Oversized lights and ornaments provide the most Shazam! for your outdoor tree. This is no place for subtlety.
  • When it comes to lights, LED last longer and use less electricity. If you're looking for a retro vibe, choose colored bulbs. White lights are more elegant, Dahhhling
  • Unbreakable ornaments are an absolute must. That doesn't mean that you have to buy pricey ones, go natural with pinecones and shells if you like.
  • Florist wire is a great way to attach the ornaments to the tree and keep them where they belong when those North winds blow.
  • Keep that tree upright by using fishing wire to attach it to a permanent structure or cover the base with sandbags or other weights.

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