It may have slipped under your radar, but one of Maine's most notable landmarks (and also rumored to be one of the most haunted) was highlighted across the country last weekend.

Destination FEAR

Currently working its way through its third season on the Travel Channel, the paranormal-based show, Destination FEAR, focuses on paranormal enthusiast and producer/filmmaker, Dakota Laden, his sister Chelsea, and their friends Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder and their paranormal adventures.

In the opening credits to the show, Dakota mentions how he and his sister grew up dealing with the paranormal, and how his childhood best friend, Tanner, dealt with it by association. Each episode sees the foursome traveling the country to investigate (with cameras and other paranormal equipment) some of the most notable landmarks for paranormal activity in an attempt to face and conquer their fears.

Fort Knox Maine

Shot earlier this year, Episode 3 of the currently airing Season 3 highlighted Maine and what's believed to be one of the most haunted landmarks in the area -- Fort Knox. And after the episode aired last weekend, it's understood why the building is believed to be so haunted, because some interesting activity was captured.

Sergeant Leopold Hegyi

If you're unfamiliar with some of the paranormal beliefs of Fort Knox, one of the most notable stories surrounds Leopold Hegyi, who was a caretaker at Fort Knox and often patrolled a long corridor inside known as "Two Step Alley." Every morning, Leopold would raise the flag at the fort. When it was noticed the flag hadn't been raised in a day or two, a wellness check discovered that Leopold had passed away at the fort.

One of the beliefs is that to this day, Leopold still patrols Two Step Alley as his footsteps can be heard and at times, his silhouette can be seen. Part of the investigation performed by the Destination FEAR crew saw Alex walk all the way down the Two Step Alley corridor with a digital audio recorder, asking both generic questions and questions specific to Leopold. (It's believed that the paranormal can manipulate frequencies that our ears can't hear, but that can be picked up on digital recorders.)

TessGerritsen via YouTube
TessGerritsen via YouTube

Of the questions Alex asked, one referenced whether or not Leopold was upset or annoyed that he and the rest of the crew were on the Fort Knox grounds doing their investigation. Upon listening back to the audio that had been picked up, an older male voice (that wasn't any of the crew's) was heard saying, "You're trespassing."


"B" Battery

Another rumor is that at one point, an officer was shot down in Fort Knox's "B" Battery, which was a brick structure built for use with cannons. During the Destination FEAR investigation, Tanner was walking around with a thermal imaging camera. It's believed that the paranormal can influence temperatures, and it seemed like that's exactly what happened, as Tanner saw an unexplained "heat signature" right in the middle of a wall.

Even more interesting and unexplained -- when Dakota placed their Ovilus (an instrument that is believed to help the paranormal communicate with the living by manipulating frequencies to select one word from a word bank) right in front of the wall with the heat signature, the heat signature instantly vanished.

If the paranormal is your thing, you can not only watch Destination FEAR on-demand on Discovery+ and catch new episodes on Saturday nights on the Travel Channel, but you can also do a Ghost Tour of Fort Knox yourself through 207 Paranormal!

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