If you've been hiding under a rock and you don't know what the hit series "Ozark" is, minimize this article, go watch it and then come back, and you'll see how it is a life-changing series on Netflix.

This article will not have any spoilers, but it will have a big juicy scoop of fun news that I bet you weren't aware of.

The cast of Ozark is so talented and most of the time celebrities feel so very far from you. But in this case, one of the stars of this hit show is closer than you think.

Janet McTeer, who plays the formidable Helen Pierce in the series, lives in Harpswell, Maine, according to Express.

I had a dear friend visit me at my new home last night and fill me in on some juicy gossip.

Apparently, Janet frequents the butcher shop that my close friend works at and she's even been known to give him a few spoilers. How exciting is that?

Can you imagine if The Helen Pierce walked into your establishment?

However, she likes Maine because it's private, so she can retreat to a peaceful place where she can just be herself without the commotion of press and fans, according to Brainy Quotes. So let's make sure to keep giving her that space and privacy.

Below is a quote from Janet about living in Maine from Brainy Quotes,

There's a reason I live in the Maine woods, where nobody knows what I do for a living. I think you can be better if someone who's coming to see you perform has no idea who you really are.

Janet McTeer

Below is one of my favorite scenes where you really see the emotion within the very difficult situation. If you haven't watched the series yet, I know you won't understand what is going on but you can clearly see the tensions are high in this particular scene.

This scene is from season 3, episode 8 of Ozark.

Janet is one of the most talented actresses I have witnessed. I look forward to all of her future work and promise that all of us Mainers will respect her privacy and not try to stare too much.

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