Portland Police are alerting people on Facebook about ongoing car break-ins in and around the city. Thanks to the PPD for keeping this front and center and giving us tips on what we can do to avoid being the next victim.

The Portland Police Department needs your assistance.

Thefts from motor vehicles continue to be one of the most reported crimes in the City of Portland. We are seeing reports of this from almost every neighborhood in the city.

Thieves will break into your car to steal the smallest amount of change, electronics or even sunglasses.

There are several things you can do to avoid being a victim:

* Lock your car doors.
* Remove or place valuables in the locked trunk or at the very least hide them out of sight.
* If possible park your car in well-lit areas.
* Watch for suspicious behavior and contact police to report it.

Please file a police report regardless of how small of a theft. Filing the police report will allow us to track where and when these crimes occur and better deploy our proactive patrol resources.

Reports can be filed online at



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