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We used to have Styxx in Portland but that closed down years ago and we really don’t have much to replace it with.

We’re no Portland, Oregon but if you walk down our streets you’d think there would be a lot more gay-friendly places given our demographic.

For those of you who are unaware, Ogunquit is actually where our main gay-bar scene is. The charming coastal town is a safe space for the community and offers more LGBTQ+-friendly bars and businesses than other parts of our state.


This spot in Ogunquit is actually one of the biggest gay bars and clubs in New England and they regularly host drag performances.

It’s open seven days a week and hosts themed events to keep us on our toes and entertained. They have two dance rooms, two outdoor decks, three bars, and is right down the street from the beach. Not a bad setup if you ask me.

The Front Porch Piano Bar

The blog Travel Gay lists The Front Porch Piano Bar as a gay-popular bar in Ogunquit. They have events almost every night and a killer food and cocktail menu.

Flask Lounge

Flask Lounge is an extremely high-energy, intimate bar with a dance floor you can really let loose on. They have events, themed parties, and special DJs weekly.


Now, this is a Portland joint that prides itself in being a gay bar. Blackstones is actually Portland’s oldest LGBTQ+ spot with drag shows at least once a month and very reasonably priced drinks.

Maine Needs More LGBTQ+ Bars

We just do.

LGBTQ+ bars offer a safe and accommodating, inclusive space with high-energy and good vibes. They are judgment-free zones where you can be yourself and feel safe doing so. What isn't there to love about a safe space for self-expression?

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