Redfern Properties based in Portland wants to build an 18-story building in downtown Portland that would become the tallest building in the city.

Since 2013, Redfern Properties has built five residential buildings in Portland ranging from luxury townhouses to more modest residences. According to the Portland Press Herald, their proposed 18-story building would go up on what is now a parking lot and plaza on the corner of Temple and Federal streets, behind the downtown Post Office.

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It's height would put it at 15 feet taller than Franklin Towers, currently the tallest building in Portland, sixth highest in the state and tallest residential building in the state. It would be made up of 265 apartments, mostly studio and one bedrooms. Rents would run $1200 to $2000 a month.

The Portland Planning Board has approved the project and now it goes before the City Council.

While the promise of new housing in Portland is great, it doesn't seem like it helps Portland's affordable housing crunch, even though 27 of the 265 apartments will be deed-reserved for middle-income families.

It's also my opinion that tall buildings take away from Portland's charm. What makes Portland great is its history and its size, or better put, lack of size. While Portland certainly doesn't have skyscrapers, nor do I think they ever will, it makes me wonder just how high is too high? I think we already hit it with Franklin Towers, yet there's talk of another 20+ story building proposed for the Old Port.

Everyone wants to come live in Portland, but let's not squeeze out those that have lived and worked here for years and turn Portland into a mini Boston.

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