Who can resist a good ghost story?

Here in New England, there's no shortage of stories of alleged paranormal activity, unexplained instances, and other strange and unusual happenings.

Whether you believe in spirts or not, it's always entertaining, albeit spooky sometimes, to hear about supposedly haunted places and the testimonies from those who have had creepy experiences there.

In this writer's opinion, the scariest ghost stories are the ones based off of "true events." Sure, things like clowns are freaky, but chances are, you're not real worried that a massive clown named Pennywise is going to lure you into a sewer (sorry, Stephen King).

On the flip side of that, the scariest stories are arguably the ones involving supernatural beings or entities that we can't necessarily see, and therefore can't firmly disprove. You've seen the movies. A couple or family moves into a new house and start having strange experiences. A pet refuses to enter a certain space, or stares at an empty space for a bit too long. Someone gets their hands on a creepy doll or other unusual item that has a negative entity or energy attached to it. These types of instances are often the most frightening, cause unlike six-foot-tall clowns, we can't see them coming.

The point is, ghost stories are creepy, and here in New Hampshire, we sure do have lots of them.

We've gathered 16 New Hampshire ghost stories told by local witnesses who commented on our Facebook page as well as the public Forgotten New Hampshire group. A few are also from yours truly, whose friends have experienced alleged paranormal activity. Whether you're a believer or not, these accounts just might send chills down your spine.

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