We all know that 2020 was HORRIBLE. We think that the theme of 2021 is going to be one work: WEIRD. Now, weird is not always bad...sometimes it can be good, and sometimes it's just...weird. Today on the WBLM Morning Show, Celeste and myself came up with some "weird and wonderful" questions about Maine for WBLM Workplace Trivia. We will give you the questions here and then you can get the answers by listening to today's Workplace Trivia. We guarantee you'll get a laugh along the way as well.

These are all True or False Questions:

Weird Question #1: True or False. One time a tourist from Europe spent three days in Bangor thinking he was in San Francisco. 

Weird Question #2: The big boot outside of LL Bean actually has a shoe size. It's a size 401. 

Weird Question #3: The Donut Hole was invented in Maine.


Now, listen to the Captain and Celeste and their contestant Mike from Cape Neddick for all the answers.





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