When it comes to returning your shopping cart to the designated corral or back to the store from the parking lot, how often do you do it?

Scientific American did a study on this supermarket behavior and it turns out there are five different kinds of people who do, or do not, return their shopping carts.

Which one are you?

  1. Do-gooders that always return their carts, in all kinds of weather and under any circumstance. Are they driven by guilt and obligation, or is a character trait of those who always try to do the right thing?
  2. The folks who never return their carts and rationalize it by saying they'll put someone out of a job if they do. What else do they rationalize during their day?
  3. Some people only return a cart if it's super convenient for them; the weather is great and they've parked next to the corral.
  4. People who only return a cart if someone is watching and they will feel judged.
  5. My favorite, the people who make their kids return the cart. Yup, that's me.

Are you a number one, or are you this guy?...

shopping cart

I've seen people get really worked up about carts in parking lots, but sometimes I've had to ditch and run to pick up a kid from school. Do you return your shopping carts, and how irritated does it make you when others don't? Comment on our Fan Page.

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