I'm SUCH a sucker for paranormal everything. Now, don't get me wrong, I'll absolutely get freaked out and probably cower behind something or someone, but at the same time, I 100% LOVE this type of thing.

I remember being a kid and my dad was at our cousin's house. We were talking to their downstairs neighbor and she said she either could see or sense spirits, or just knew that there was a spirit in her apartment. But I kid you not, without any heat or AC on, no windows open, randomly out of nowhere, her telephone cord (remember those?) started swinging back and forth. And it wasn't like, a centimeter. This thing had some MOMENTUM to it. I was equal parts freaked out, but also intrigued.

Actually, one better and more recent -- the last TWO Christmases! Mom and I were on the couch watching Christmas movies or something, and we started talking about how much we miss my Memere and Pepere/her parents. All of a sudden, as soon as we started talking about them, we noticed one of the ornaments on the tree start swinging. Again, the heat hadn't kicked on, there was nothing causing it to move -- it was moving on its own. And just that ONE ornament.

Best part? When it happened this year (in the same exact way, by the way -- talking about my grandparents), Remy (my dog) was there this time. And whether or not you've heard this or believe it, it's said that dogs can sense spirits. No word of a lie, the ornament starts swinging (same place and actually the same type of ornament as the year before), and Remy LOSES HIS MIND barking. So, clearly, I'm a believer.

Tyler Karanasios via Facebook

That brings me to the picture above. This is one of (from the series of) pictures that Tyler Karanasios posted recently in the u Local New Hampshire Facebook group. He thought he saw something, but wasn't sure. And it may be tough to notice anything, so he decided to brighten up the picture a bit.

Tyler Karanasios via Facebook

Do you see it yet? If you don't, here's a picture to help you with the area in question.

Tyler Karanasios via Facebook

So that circle makes it pretty clear -- it looks like there's a spirit in the upper left hand corner of the picture (clearly where the circle is). But even so, it's possible it could be some shadow cast by a headstone behind the featured area. But here's the thing -- Timothy Zetes, who was following this thread on the u Local New Hampshire Facebook group, zoomed in, and, well...

Timothy Zetes via Facebook

...THE FACE! Do you see it?!

BUT, I'll keep playing Devil's Advocate (yikes, probably not the best wording considering the topic...) -- what looks like it makes up the face could possibly just be pixel marks from an already-grainy photo being zoomed in. But then, the original poster, Tyler, posted a couple of pictures he had of the same area from during the daytime.

Tyler Karanasios via Facebook

So, that one is dead on and not so much the same angle as the pictures in question -- but here's one at a similar angle.

Tyler Karanasios via Facebook

It's POSSIBLE that it could be headstones behind the area or off to the side, but still -- the spirit figure looks like it's wearing a flowing dress, and no part of a headstone has anything that looks like it could be flowing (unless there's a flag next to or in front of the headstone, but there are none in any of these pictures.)

So, what do you think? Did Tyler end up taking a picture of a nearby spirit, or are we just looking for something to be there, that isn't? For what it's worth, the pictures were taken from Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, which have had multiple people mention that there have been cases of well-known spirit activity there.

Regardless of what it actually is, still cool to think about (and also equal parts creepy and terrifying!)

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