Driving on New Year’s Eve

It’s said that New Year’s Eve is the most dangerous time to be on the roads. As a holiday that is primarily celebrated with a drink in hand, careless drivers tend to hit the roads late at night, increasing your chances of a dangerous situation.

Whether you’ve had a good or bad year, it’s often celebrated with more than just one glass of champagne. There’s no judgment when it comes to how you celebrate but there is if you choose to get behind the wheel after doing so.

Bangor Car Towing Company Offers Free Rides on NYE

As a way to avoid any catastrophes, Union Street Towing in Bangor is offering a free ride and car tow home on New Year’s Eve for anyone who’s had too much to drink, as shared by WGME.

This is to prevent people from driving under the influence and is an incredibly generous and kind service. Not only do you get a free and safe ride home but your car does, too!

This is especially important as Maine's rate of highway fatalities has been skyrocketing.

The person’s car must be operational, they must have the keys, and the service can drive up to two people home. Just call the tow company’s number: 207-942-8663.

This service is available to people who live in Bangor or Brewer but are there services like this in the Portland area?

Portland, Maine, New Year’s Eve

As a city packed with restaurants, bars, distilleries, and nightlife, there should be a free ride service on New Year’s Eve to get people home safely. Uber, Lyft, and Taxi rides are outrageously expensive and the ride-share apps will surge their prices knowing everyone is out and about.

The cost of these options deters people from getting a safe ride and rather than spend $40 for a 5-mile ride, people may tend to try to drive themselves.

For such a dangerous night, there should be free options for people to get home safely. Are there any resources like the one in Bangor but here in Portland?

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