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You wouldn't think it considering how sucktastic the weather has been lately, but we're midway through June. A point where we should be doing all the summer things -- nonstop cookouts with friends, anchoring boats in the middle of Sebago and Winnipesaukee, and rocking sunkissed skin from the beach or pool.

Instead, we're stuck hoping the rain is either quick or completely misses us all while struggling to stay awake and upbeat in the depressing and gray, gloomy skies.

There's one more summer activity we're missing out on, too, though.

Andrew Hunt / Canva
Andrew Hunt / Canva

Doors Off Driving

This is the time of year that anyone who owns a convertible or a vehicle with a sunroof thrives on. And if you have a Jeep -- especially a Jeep Wrangler -- "fuhgeddaboudit," the summer is your time to shine since you can ditch the top and doors.

But is it actually legal to drive with your doors off?

Short answer: Yes, but with certain restrictions.

David Melinte
David Melinte

According to Off-Roader X, Maine, and New Hampshire don't make the list of states that require by law one, two, or three mirrors attached to the vehicle. However, Off-Roader X also reports that neither Maine nor New Hampshire make mention of a rear-view mirror requirement.

That said, according to a New Hampshire Police Officer who commented on Wrangler Forum, you only need the windshield-mounted mirror.

Regardless, one thing is for sure -- according to Powell Law Firm, the only state where driving without doors is actually illegal? Pennsylvania.

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