Heartwarming stories of individuals and businesses working together as we navigate challenges created by COVID-19 are what get me through these days. News Center Maine reports a partnership between Bueno Loco in Falmouth and Vacationland Driving Academy.

According to the article, Randy Greason, the owner of the driving school, needed a space large enough to accommodate socially distanced classes. When the world is normal the driver's ed. classes take place at Falmouth High School. After visiting three other businesses, Greason approached the new owners of Bueno Loco. Siblings Gregin Doxsee and Jeremy Doxsee got the ball rolling to buy the restaurant back in November of 2019, COVID-19 hit in March. Gregin and Jeremy understood Gleason's situation and were more than happy to help by offering Bueno Loco's outside patio and 4,100 sq. feet of indoor restaurant seating for the driving school to hold socially distanced classes, which meet before the restaurant opens.

The kids are super excited to have classes in session so that they can get their driver's licenses and gain some much needed freedom as well as the ability to drive themselves to work. My poor parents had to cart me around until I got my license when I was 19. Yup, I was a late bloomer when it came to driving, and my parents and friends were as excited as I was when I finally passed. Second time's the charm, kids. Don't be discouraged if you are nervous and don't pass the first time. Have a burrito at Bueno Loco, take a deep breath and schedule your next test.

Gregin and Jeremy are so gracious to open their restaurant to support Vacationland Driving Academy, but that's the example they want to set; we'll get through by helping each other, whether as individuals or businesses. When COVID-19 hit, it was take out orders from regulars that really helped keep them going until more seating was allowed. They are paying that goodwill forward. The food is also awesome at Bueno Loco and they pour great drinks. Just sayin', it's not exactly charity to order from them. They are yummy. Bueno Loco translates to, "crazy good". Cute, right?

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