Maybe you saw the guys in Recycled Percussion at Aura in Portland earlier this month. They are home for the holidays and taking a break before a bunch of shows in their home state after Christmas. A couple of the guys recently paid tribute to what remains of the 'Old Man of the Mountain' in Franconia since it's collapse in 2003. What a seriously ROCKIN' way to celebrate this beloved New England landmark!

Born at a High School talent show in Goffstown NH, Recycled Percussion have created an epic production using everything from buckets to power tools that now is a sold-out headlining act in Vegas!


Here's the background story according to their Facebook page:

"Recycled Percussion is an interactive twist never experienced before. Formed in 1994 in New Hampshire at their High School talent show, Recycled Percussion’s first performance gave birth to the style of music now known as JUNK ROCK. This small-town band has built their show into one of the more powerful live performances in entertainment. During every show, the band mixes their gritty assault on buckets, power tools or anything else they can get their sticks on with a sense of humor and gravity defying athleticism."

Recycled Percussion are proud to call New England home and they'll take their appreciation to the next level with 22 shows in New Hampshire during the holiday season. Come on! Let's bang that suckah!

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