If you’ve ever asked for food recommendations in Portland, Duckfat probably made the list.

The little restaurant is settled in on Middle Street and is famously known for their hand-cut Belgian fries that are fried in, you guessed it, duck fat.

If you’re like any other Portlander and have been hankering for their fries, you’re going to have to wait a bit. The restaurant recently posted on Facebook that they will be taking a hiatus for a much-deserved winter break.

They will close their doors Tuesday, January 11, and will reopen for all your fry-dipping needs on February 10.

I can already picture the line that will wrap around the city when their doors reopen and we have a month of fries-eating to make up for. The restaurant is so popular it can be nearly impossible to get in sometimes.

I went in for my birthday one year, got there before they even opened, and there was already an insanely long line forming. One “positive” from all of this COVID stuff would be the expansion of their outdoor pavilion, even in the winter; it is covered, heated, and cozy.

The locally-sourced restaurant will remain in our minds and hearts until we can have it back in our bellies.

For those of you who have not had a Duckfat experience, what makes them so popular are their to-die-for fries, homemade dipping sauces, ridiculously good paninis, and original milkshakes. The sauces are made fresh daily using local farm eggs and the milkshakes are made with gelato from the beloved Gelato Fiasco.

Whether you’ve never been or you’re a regular, set your calendar for February 10. Only T-minus 30 days left but who’s counting?

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