The Bangor Daily News covered the recent passing of a Maine legend, Milton Dysart, the co-founder of Dysart's Truck Stop.

Milton started pumping gas as a kid at his family's gas station and started driving trucks before he even got his driver's license when he was 15. Milton drove over 5 million miles without a chargeable accident, he was very proud of that.

Over the years Dysarts has grown to include restaurants, a service center, online bakery, heating and energy, a full service marina, and of course the truck stop.

Milton created a uniquely Maine business and the charm wasn't lost on people from away. Here is an out take reel from a Dysart's commercial that went viral and inspired a Saturday Night Live spoof.

Here is S.N.L.'s take!

They did finally get it right, here is the finished commercial:

Milton leaves behind a great legacy.

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