According to WMTW, Eddie Money has revealed that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Eddie has a TV series called, "Real Money" on AXS TV and in an upcoming episode he discusses how he found out that he has cancer, and how severe it is.

According to Eddie, he went in for a physical and left with a cancer diagnosis. The stage 4 cancer is in his liver. lymph nodes and part of his stomach. Eddie says that he is positive and hopeful and that every day above ground is a good one. He has been making music with his children Jesse and Desmond but had to cancel his summer tour this year because of pneumonia that he developed while recovering from heart valve surgery. The pneumonia is not related to the cancer, just more bad luck for Eddie Money.

Our best wishes go out to Eddie and his family. Not only is he a great musician, but he's a colorful personality and old school New Yorker. We celebrated his birthday with him here in the BLM studio a few years back when he played in Portland. The Blimp dj's have been impersonating him ever since!

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