Pearl Jam have canceled their upcoming show in Vienna, which was set to take place tonight (July 20), due to frontman Eddie Vedder suffering from vocal damage. The rockers announced the cancelation in a statement on their social media.

"To all those who were anticipating a great Pearl Jam show tonight in Vienna, we were too. However, due to the extreme circumstances at the last outdoor site outside of Paris (heat, dust and smoke from the fires) our singer Ed Vedder's throat was left damaged. He has seen doctors and had treatment but as of yet, his vocal cords have not recovered," the band wrote.

"This is brutal news and horrible timing... for everyone involved. Those who work so hard to put on the shows as well as those who give their precious time and energies to attend... As a band, we are deeply sorry and have tried to find options to still play. And Ed wants to play. There's just no throat available at this time."

The statement continued to note that ticket holders will receive a refund, which seems to imply that the show will not be rescheduled anytime soon. See the post below.

Pearl Jam have been touring throughout Europe since the middle of June, and they played a show in Paris on July 17. PBS reports that wildfires have been sweeping across the continent as a result of a record heatwave, and the Bordeaux region of France was hit especially hard, causing 11,000 residents to evacuate. Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Hungary have been battling fires as well.

The Seattle band's next scheduled performance is set to take place in Prague on July 22. Stay tuned for any further updates, and check out the rest of their 2022 dates here to get tickets.

We wish Vedder the best as he recovers, and our thoughts are with France and all of the other countries currently facing climate change catastrophes.

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