Our Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash is this Saturday night and if you haven't found a costume yet, you can get something original looking from Etsy. Check these elven lovers out, looking all hot in their cloaks! P.S., don't call them capes or they'll run you through with their silver elven swords. They aren't cheap, but they double as bedspreads, shower curtains or table cloths. Check them out at www.chrononautmercantile.com.

Maybe the cloaks are a little too pretty, or a little too pricey...Here's something else from Etsy. This Shark Hoodie sort of says, "Zero time, man. Zero effort. I'm just here for the boos."

shark towel hoodie
Come rattle your bones and put in as much, or as little effort into your costume as you want this Saturday night at The Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash! Hello Newman and Motor Booty Affair will be keeping you dancing, costume contest and adult beverages, awe yeah!

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