I grew up here in Maine and I feel lucky that my family has made so many Thanksgiving memories here. It's not just about the food, Thanksgiving in Maine is special because of some of the traditions, the shopping, the community events and the businesses.

Bestthings.com made a list of what makes Thanksgiving in Maine special:

  • Let's just start off with the bars. Best Things lists Bull Feeney's in Portland, a good choice. I'm keeping my mind open because there are so many friendly bartenders, cold beers, exes in town and also new willing comrades, especially the night before Thanksgiving. How can I pick just one bar?
  • Outlet shopping in Maine is something that I have come to really appreciate and on Thanksgiving if you are ready to walk off some calories and start your holiday shopping, L.L. Bean will be waiting. Beans is open 24/7 but the other shops will open early for the weekend.
  • There are Turkey Trots in just about every Maine city and town, one of my favorites is the Saco Turkey Trot. I grew up in Saco, so maybe I'm partial. I think this trot is the best because everyone ups their game with fabulous costumes and there is a trot for everyone from the tots to those willing to run a 10K.
  • Two Fat Cats Bakery, also in Portland, bakes old fashioned-type, made from scratch, perfect crust pies. They have a lot of other delish treats and their biscuits are da bomb. Order now because their special razmataz sells out.
  • This should be the year that you ditch thawing out an old bird and find out what turkey really tastes like. You can get a fresh turkey that was healthy enough and happy enough to satisfy even your pickiest dinner guest and you will never, never want a second class frozen bird ever again. Pine Tree Poultry in New Sharon does everything but provide massage services to their birds. Pine Tree's turkeys are free-range to socialize as they please and they are all natural. No hormones or antibiotics, they are just healthy because they are well taken care of.
  • The Portland VS Deering football game is a mighty tradition dating back to 1911 and is played at Fitzpatrick Stadium. Right now Portland is in the lead with a record of 58-40-7.
  • Volunteering is a great way to spend Thanksgiving. The Wayside Food Programs are in need of help all year but especially during Thanksgiving week when they serve delicious dinners to those in need.

There is really so much to do, find the full article here with more suggestions.

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