School Snow Day season has begun and now there is a website to help predict whether the kids will have school, or if they will get the day off. Check out the Snow Day Calculator!

This predictor website is based on some very scientific, highly mathematical and totally reliable information from Findings are based on the timing and strength of the snow storm. Predictions for the next two days go up every day at noon.

I found out about the Snow Day Calculator last night when our 12 year old announced that there was a 74% chance that there would be no school. Worried that our kid was involved with Vegas bookies, we asked the obvious question, "How do you know that?!" She eye rolled so hard that I thought she might fall over. "It's called the Snow Day Calculator, guh!" Apparently Mark and I were supposed to know what that was. She was shocked by our ignorance. I looked it up, typed in our zip code and the prediction popped up. It's so cool! I became addicted and continued to follow the calculator until I went to bed.

This morning there are kids in Maine that did not do their homework last night because the Snow Day Calculator said they probably wouldn't have school today. I feel for you!

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