We were boppin' around the Facebook news feed yesterday when we saw our friends at O'Chang Comics had posted an article with a headline that read "Red’s Eats Adds New Location in North Bound Lane of I-295." Say what now? We gave it a click and the local hilarity ensued. The website is called New Maine News "Maine's only trusted source for local real breaking news" and they'll getcha at first with a very official looking logo.


One of the wicked clevah fictional quotes from the Red's Eats article goes like this:

“This is something we’ve been dreaming of for years,” said Red’s co-owner Debbie Cronk. “The ability to further inconvenience north and east bound travelers has been a goal of ours for a long time.”

Who among us hasn't experienced the frustration of getting through traffic from Wiscasset to Edgecomb on a summer weekend?

If you grew up loving the brilliant satire of Mad or Cracked magazines, you'll love New Maine News! This is very funny stuff that only real Mainahs will get. That's you, right bub?

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