Covered Bridge Driving Tour


This is right up my alley.  I love driving and my wife loves looking out the window.  When you drive through these bridges you can imagine the sound of horse hooves clip-clopping on the boards.  Many of these covered bridges are in the town of Swanzey.  Heading over to Keene, NH you can drive along Route 10 and make a left onto Matthews Road to cross Cresson Bridge which has been there since the 1790s.  If you continue, find your way easily to Route 32 so you can take in the view and cross Carleton Bridge.  Find Main Street so you can travel through Thompson Bridge. Check the area out at the link below for more info.


The Cornish-Windsor Bridge


The Cornish-Windsor Bridge spans the Connecticut River and connects New Hampshire to Connecticut. reports that “At around 450 feet long, it is the longest wooden bridge in the country and the longest two-span covered bridge in the world.”  If you only get out to see one covered bridge, the Cornish-Windsor Bridge might be the best.


More Bridges


Time to switch gears and enjoy what New England does best.  Seeing the trees change into a multitude of vibrant colors.  If you need a relaxing weekend to do just that try trip to Jackson, New Hampshire.  You can’t beat the White Mountains for its over-the-top dramatic fall scenery.  Located close to the Kancamagus Highway is the quaint little village of Jackson.   Just cross the cute, covered bridge to make your Fall getaway complete.  Probably the best-covered bridge I have experienced in New Hampshire was when I took a trip up to Flume Gorge and walked across the Sentinel Pine Bridge.  It was spectacular.  Get out and enjoy the fall weather before the snow comes.


Since we are talking about historic bridges...look at this


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