FHOP used to mean Falmouth House of Pizza. Foreside House of Pizza has been told to stop using the acronym.

Foreside House of Pizza is owned by George Sotiropolous. He has been using the nickname FHOP since opening. He was sued by his parents Antonia and Steve Sotiropolous to stop using that acronym and they won in court.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a Cumberland County Superior Court judge ruled that Foreside House of Pizza can’t use FHOP for his restaurant that opened in the Falmouth Shopping Center, issuing a temporary restraining order.

This is a family fight that has gotten uglier and uglier. Antonia and Steve were evicted after 40 years and the new owners of the shopping center struck up a deal with their son George to take over. He did just that and has been using FHOP on everything - their sign, menus and social media.

A judge said that he can no longer do that, according to the Press Herald.


The judge ruled that FHOP is a trademark that belongs to Antonia and Steve and ordered that it be removed from everything, the Press Herald reported, including their giant sign.



George said of his parents in the Press Herald...

Unfortunately, rather than settle this peacefully and privately, my mom would prefer to litigate and continue to draw public attention to a very personal situation.


This very public family fight continues. The stop on using FHOP will continue until this actually goes to a full trial, the newspaper stated, but no date has been set...yet.