According to WGME, fewer of Maine's High School students are playing sports. The trend is nationwide and Maine ranks 36th nationally for school sports participation.

The National Federation of State High School Associations recently released statistics showing that participation in school sports programs continue to fall nationwide. There was a 4.5 point drop this year alone in Maine.

Some of the factors affecting these numbers:

  • There's been a steady decline in the number of public school students.
  • Athletes are bailing out of a sport if they aren't getting enough playing time.
  • There has been a growing concern over head injuries and concussion.
  • Social media, e-sports and video games are keeping athletes off the field.
  • More athletes are choosing to specialize in just one sport and are joining traveling teams that have time consuming schedules.
  • Some students are playing with outside teams instead of their school team.



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