Well if you live near me in Westbrook, you probably thought this weekend's celebrations would be without the super-charged snap-crackle-pop of fireworks for the Fourth of July. I even sat down and assured my dogs that it would be quieter this year. Looks like I'm going to have another chat with them this evening to let them know that plans are changing.

Just this past Monday, the Westbrook Police Department announced No Fireworks Permits would be issued this week to wish America a Happy Birthday "Due to the wicked high fire danger in the State of Maine right now."

Well after the long overdue soaking we got at the beginning of this week, public safety officials have decided that the fireworks ban and recent burning restrictions can be lifted.  Here's the statement that was posted on the Westbrook Fire Department Facebook page today.

I have a very cool neighbor up the street that has for many years put on a fireworks show that ranks up there with any municipal display. While my dogs and all the other woofers in the neighborhood were happy when they heard about the ban, my family and friends were bummed that there wouldn't be any to light up the sky this Saturday.

Hopefully my neighbor got his permit and the pyrotechnics happen in our Colonial Acres this year. Remember to safely shelter the doggos in the most soundproof you can find in the house around 9p on Saturday night just in case.

You could also help to drown out the big booms by playing WBLM on the radio. Good ol' Blimp classic rock always seems to soothe mine. Maybe yours too. 

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