As of the fourth Saturday in April, trout fishing in ponds managed by the Fish and Game Wild Trout program is on and open for those with a license in New Hampshire, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game website.

The trout ponds, managed by NH Fish and Game, are open for 135 days from April 23, 2022 - September 5, 2022 (Labor Day), according to the website. Other waters that are stocked with trout but not part of the Wild Trout program are open year round, according to this NH Fish and Game article.

Because the trout ponds are managed by the NH Fish and Game in the program, “These trout ponds are often the best waters in a given area for a variety of reasons,” according to New Hampshire Fish and Game Department of Inland Fisheries Chief Dianne Timmins. “Excellent habitat, limited species predation, low angling competition, and the fact that these ponds are closed to ice fishing allow the fish to grow larger, offering a more challenging experience for the trout-fishing enthusiast.”

Hands holding rainbow trout while Flyfishing in Colorado.
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The list below includes all of the NH designated trout ponds, according to NH Fish and Game.

Adder/Hopkins PondAndover
Airport PondWhitefield
Archery PondAllenstown
Back LakePittsburg
Barbadoes PondDover/Madbury
Basin PondChatham
Bear Brook Pond, BigErrol
Bear Brook Pond, LittleWentworth Loc.
Belknap Recreation Area PondGilford
Big Brook BogPittsburg
Black Mountain PondSandwich
Black PondLincoln
Blue PondMadison
Bog Pond, Little/Fourteen and a HalfOdell
Boundary PondPittsburg
Bragg PondMillsfield
Butterfield PondWilmot
Carr PondClarksville
Carter PondBean’s Purchase
Center PondNelson
Chapin PondNewport
Clarksville PondClarksville
Clough PondLoudon
Coldrain PondNew Durham
Cold Spring Pond/Abbott Forest PondStoddard
Cole PondCanaan/Enfield
Conservation PondWentworth
Coon Brook BogPittsburg
Conner PondOssipee
Corser PondErrol
Cranberry Bog PondColumbia
Devils WashbowlOdell
Diamond Pond, LittleStewartstown
Dublin Lake/Monadnock PondDublin
Dummer Pond, BigDummer
Dummer Pond, LittleDummer
Duncan LakeOssipee
Dustin PondWentworth’s Loc.
East InletPittsburg
Echo LakeFranconia
Ethan Pond/Willey PondBethlehem
Exeter ReservoirExeter
Falls PondAlbany
Ferrin PondWeare
Flat Mountain PondWaterville
Fourmile PondDix’s Grant
French PondHenniker
Gilmore PondJaffery
Greeley Pond, UpperLivermore
Greenough Pond, LittleWentworth Location
Guinea PondSandwich
Halfmile PondEnfield
Hall Pond, LowerSandwich
Hall Pond, MiddleSandwich
Hall Pond, UpperSandwich
Harris PondPittsburg
Hatch PondEaton
Hellgate Pond2nd College Grant
Hot Hole PondLoudon/Concord
Hoyt’s PondMadbury
Hunkins PondSanbornton
Hunts PondHancock
Jacquith PondPittsburg
Jones PondMiddleton
Judd PondClarksville
Kiah PondSandwich
Ledge PondMadison
Lime PondColumbia
Lonesome LakeLincoln
Long PondBenton
Long PondEaton
Long PondErrol
Long PondLempster
Long PondMillsfield
Long Pond/Coniston LakeCroydon
Lucas PondNorthwood
Middle PondPittsburg
Millen LakeWashington
Millsfield Pond, BigMillsfield
Mirror LakeWhitefield
Mount William PondWeare
Moose Falls FlowagePittsburg
Moose Pond/Little Millsfield PondMillsfield
Moose PondPittsburg
Morey PondAndover
Mountain PondChatham
Mountain PondBrookfield
Mud PondEaston
Munn PondErrol
Nathan PondDixville
Oliverian PondBenton
Orange PondOrange
Peaked Hill PondThornton
Perch PondCampton
Perry PondPittsburg
Phillips PondOdell
Pike PondStark
Pleasant LakeNew London
Pond of SafetyRandolph
Profile LakeFranconia
Rand PondGoshen
Round PondErrol
Round PondPittsburg
Russell PondWoodstock
Saco LakeCarroll
Saltmarsh PondGilford
Sand Pond/Echo LakeLempster/Marlow
Sawyer PondLivermore
Sawyer Pond, LittleLivermore
Scott’s BogPittsburg
Sessions PondDummer
Shawtown Pond/Shaw PondFreedom
Sheehan FlowageClarksville
Shoal PondLincoln
Signal PondErrol
Simmons PondWarner
Sky PondNew Hampton
Smith PondWashington
Solitude LakeNewbury
Spectacle PondGroton/Hebron
Spoonwood LakeNelson
Stirrup Iron PondSalisbury
Stone PondMarlborough/Dublin
Stonehouse PondBarrington
Stratford BogStratford
Stub Hill PondPittsburg
Success PondSuccess
Swains PondWentworth
Swanzey LakeSwanzey
Sweat PondErrol
Terrill Pond/West Branch PondPittsburg
Three Ponds, LowerWarren/Ellsworth
Three Ponds, MiddleWarren
Three Ponds, UpperWarren
Trio Pond, LowerOdell
Trio Pond, UpperOdell
Trout PondLyme
Trout Pond/Stacy PondFreedom
Unknown PondPittsburg
Wachipauka Pond/Meader PondWarren
Waukeena Pond/Pleasant PondDanbury
Whitcomb PondOdell
White PondWilmot
White PondOssipee
Whittemore LakeBennington/Greenfield
Willard PondAntrim
Wright PondPittsburg

Enjoy the water. Don't forget to kiss that first catch.

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