Flagship Cinemas in Auburn and Falmouth announced on their Facebook pages this week, that they will be reopening on Monday, August 31st after being closed for months during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moviegoers will see several changes when they return to a world that is finding itself a new normal.

According to the Sun Journal, Flagship Auburn will be opening with three first run movies. Christopher Nolan's spy/sci-fi film Tenent, Unhinged starring Russell Crowe and the last movie planned in the X-Men film series, The New Mutants. We're assuming that the Falmouth Flagship will have the same movies. You can watch trailers for all three of these films at end of this story.

When buying your tickets online, some seats on either side of your seats will automatically be blocked off so that social distancing is maintained. You will also need to wear a mask when moving through the theater, but can take it off to eat your popcorn or sip your drink. Be sure to follow all the posted rules when you arrive to keep you and others as safe as possible.

As of this writing, no announcement has been made for the Oxford Flagship location, but keep an eye on their Facebook page for information.




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