We may be getting teased with the mild temps and freshness in the air today. There are even lots of birdies out there singing today. However, let's not be deceived by days like this that are actually what many refer to as "fool's spring". We all know too well, winter will be back again at some point before Memorial Day.

"Just when I think it should be over, winter shifts into second gear."

So that being said, this really isn't an odd day for our friends in the band Flooded Cellar to release their latest song about the drudgery of Maine winter. The band of hard working Mainers led by Dennis Barker, is from beautiful Lovell, Maine in Oxford County.

You probably remember the band's now classic cold weather music video called Six Cords Shy of a Broken Back.  That one hilariously laments the “seven month haul”  and the laborious struggle of cuttin' and stackin' wood for the stoves and fireplaces. These guys obviously love to be outdoors, even though they like to also find plenty to complain about. Really though. Aren't all of us Mainers like that? We love it here...but.

Flooded Cellar's new song is called "Pounded." No, it's not a song about being in a bar fight or swinging hammers. We already told you that it's about the drudgery of Maine winter. Yeah we love to bitch about the season that never seems to come to an end. But we're all a little tougher when it finally does.

Let's salute all the Maine winter survivors (that means you if you are literally here) with this fun little ditty.

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