According to a new survey done by US Foods, most of us have food delivered about three times a month. I don't know about you, but when I pick up a Happy Meal for my kid I have a hard time not sneaking at least a couple hot, crispy fries. How can we expect our food delivery drivers to resist the amazing smells of our garlic knots? Drivers aren't made of stone!

During the survey consumers were asked, "If you ordered a burger and fries, and the deliverer grabbed a few fries along the way, how upset would you be?" The scale was one to ten. One meant that you didn't care at all and ten would be tire slashing angry. The average response was 8.4.

I saw this video of of a DoorDash delivery guy apparently sipping someone's shake while he was waiting for them at their door- I was totally grossed out.

Do you worry about food delivery folks dipping their nasty fingers into your order? Would you sneak food from a delivery? Comment on our Fan Page.

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