Today's Classic Lunch played the first two songs on an artist's first album for your September 1st menu. When it came to "breaking new ground", these three remain unbeatable...


WOR, New York: The First FM Rock Station (1966) - Up to this point, most rock music was just another part of the big, old-fashioned Top 40 formats...still! That would change in July 1966, when WOR became the first FM radio station to go "freeform"; that is, the DJ's (not the bean-counters) were given the go-ahead to pick their own music, put together their own shows, and not a suit was in sight. Wonderfulness! Though the format was scrapped a little over a year later, its influence paved the way for the'70's rock explosion.

MTV Plays Their First Music Video (1981) - Looking back, it was MTV's clearly deliberate attempt to do something fresh that led to one-hit wonders The Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star" getting the historic go-ahead to be the first to open the door to what would become a revolution. The Buggles never did follow that up, though members Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn would later do time as members of Yes

The Beatles Play The First Big Outdoor Stadium Concert (1965) - Stadiums eventually worked out how to properly put on a show, but all that mattered 55 years ago was that The Beatles had peaked with "Beatlemania". Naturally, it was The Fab Four to come along and do something so ridiculous that they would again break records for concert attendance and ticket sales. 55,000 screaming fans got a glimpse of John, Paul, George and Ringo out on the ball-field and the music couldn't be all. The blueprint was finally here.

We would love for you to share your firsts, just keep it clean.


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