A parody of Foreigner's 1978 hit 'Hot Blooded' has popped up in a new commercial for Nestle's Hot Pockets. While the music is faithful to the original version of the song, the lyrics of the track have been changed to help bolster the product's appeal.

In the spot, our hero takes a bite out of a ham and cheese Hot Pocket while at a party. After the narrator says that it provides enough "protein and fuel to fire you up," the young man pulls off an impossibly low limbo, and then manages to smash a pinata through the ceiling above him.

Foreigner are no strangers to the world of licensing their songs for commercial use. 'Hot Blooded' has also been previously used in a commercial for Diet Pepsi, while 'Feels Like The First Time' has been featured in spots for Njoy Electronic Cigarettes and, most recently, Toyota.

This weekend, Foreigner will wrap up their 'Soundtrack of Summer' tour with Styx and Don Felder. Mick Jones' assistant Tim Hare has been chronicling the tour's progress for Ultimate Classic Rock. Check out his latest entry where he discusses the fire that raged through two of the tour's buses while also talking of his crush on Lita Ford among other topics.

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