Summertime can mean lots of things here in the Pine Tree State. Camping, swimming, hiking, bonfires and forest fires. That's right, forest fires DO actually happen here in Maine. As a matter of fact, fire crews from several departments were battling multiple blazes in the Maine woods just yesterday.

Kennebec Journal,

Another fire is also currently burning at Maine's historic Baxter State Park. Officials do not have any current information on containment status of this particular fire and have indicated that the fire was expected to be 100 acres in size by nighttime on Thursday (5-22-2020).

These are perfect examples of why it is so incredibly paramount to follow your local town and county's daily wildfire danger report. We're fortunate here in Augusta to have a bog Smokey Bear sign on Route 3 that the Forest Service Keeps updated daily. And remember, always get a permit before you burn, and always check to see what the conditions are going to be for that day.

For up to date wildfire danger levels in all of Maine's sixteen counties, just click here. And remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires.

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