My friend Jessie told me about the Waterfront Flea Market in Brunswick, an indoor flea market brimming with finds. We hit the road and 32 minutes later we were in picker heaven. Jess spotted this Holy Water dispenser with her keen eye and I immediately sent pictures of it to Mark. It's ornate and copper and all kinds of good vibes-but it was expensive for me! When I arrived home empty handed Mark was surprised that I had the strength to walk away from what he knew was an amazing find to me. We discussed it and agreed on what we could pay and then I called the flea market to find the seller. His name is Jed, and after a bit of dickering we came to a very fair price.


Jed was an amazing character, I was kind of hoping he'd offer me a cup of tea and continue our chat, but he had paperwork to get to. I manhandled my find out to my car and felt as if I was bringing a new puppy home with me!

When I got home I tried using Tarn X metal cleaner on it, but it stank so much and barely touched the grime and patina. Youtube to the rescue! Mark brought me a bag of lemons and I broke out the table salt and went to town-it worked! Here's a tip: lay a vinyl tablecloth down before you start this cleaning project and roll it up and throw it away after.

cleaning copper

You can't drink straight out of a copper container that hasn't been sealed somehow, so I hit up Amazon and found this nice strong plastic bucket and while I was there I ordered a shiny, clean new spigot too. Mark trimmed the lip off the bucket and the fit inside our dispenser was perfect! I'm going to get a lid for the bucket at the paint store.

bucket and spigot

We assembled everything, filled the bucket inside the dispenser with water and checked for leaks. It's a go!

drink dispenser

It's a conversation piece for sure.

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