• Set the clocks ahead...check!
  • Chip the ice patches off the driveway...check!
  • Make plans for St Paddy's revelling...check!
  • Cross off the dwindling days of winter on the kitchen calendar till March 20th...check!

And now for maybe the most exciting sign that warmer weather is getting close...legendary Maine ice cream stands are opening for the season! I have fond memories of driving my El Camino to the Gifford's in Waterville when I was a teenager in the 80s...absolutely a Rite of Spring here in Maine.

How 'bout this really sweet tweet from Gifford's Ice Cream? Not only did we get the glorious announcement that all 5 locations are turning the "Closed for the Season" sign around this Friday, they are offering something all Mainers love. FREE ice cream cones!

Gifford's Ice Cream stands are in Auburn, Bangor, Farmington Waterville, and their flagship location in Skowhegan.

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