According to News Center Maine, the free parking party that I've been enjoying for the past few months in Portland officially ends on Monday. Portland residents will also have to start buying and using the special purple trash bags again on June first.

The one and only perk that I've had during this god-awful pandemic is not worrying about getting a boot while parked on the street. Running down to feed the meter while at work has always been a challenge for me and I get a parking boot every three months or so. It's not just the meters, it's remembering that you can't park in certain places or sides of the street on certain nights.

Monday June 1st make sure you're feeding the meters and paying attention to time zones. There is a Passport Parking mobile app that I'm going to download right now.

As far as residents with permits, according to News Center, permits that expire on June 2020 have been automatically been renewed for one year. City Hall won't open again until June 22nd for folks to apply for new permits and the extension permits won't require a new sticker.

Now, on to the purple trash bags. If you want the city to collect your trash, then that trash has to be tied up in one of the city's purple trash bags starting on Monday.

I thought getting back to normal was going to be more fun.

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