I've spent most of my day intensely aware of my surroundings and making sure that no harm befalls me due to lack of diligence on Friday the 13th. I have questions about the origins of this superstitious date, so I took them to the experts at Wikipedia. What I found will put your mind at ease. You may find yourself so relieved that you smash a mirror.

  • The day itself may have biblical origins. Something about the number of guests at the Last Supper and Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday.
  • Black cats were straight up terrifying to folks in the Middle Ages because they got lumped in with witches. A rumor went around claiming that if a black cat crossed your path it would block your connection to God and heaven.
  • Opening umbrellas indoors is just asking for a poked eye, but there was also a time when some people believed that it was an insult to the sun god.
  • This is the one superstition that I'll admit creeps me out, walking under a ladder. Seems innocent, but ladders were associated with the gallows in medieval times. Walking under one might signify facing a hanging at the gallows in the future. Some scaredy cats thought that spirits gathered under an open ladder.

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