I have worked in downtown Portland, Maine for over 20 years and have driven pretty much all over the peninsula going from here to there. By far the worst intersection is the one that is named "Gorham's Corner." It's where Center Street intersects with Pleasant, Danforth, and Fore Streets and it's a bit of a cluster.

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During July, Gorham's Corner got a facelift and not only will it improve traffic flow, but it also introduced some colorful scenery while waiting for the light to turn green.

First, to make it easier to navigate for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike, two crosswalks were added, wheelchair ramps were installed, curbs were extended, a turning lane was eliminated and traffic lights were adjusted for better flow.

But what you'll notice most is murals painted on the pavement at Gorham's Crossing by a local artist named Jill Perry of Pamplemousse Studio in Portland.

The murals on the street depict a lighthouse, a whale, an anchor, and the State of Maine with a heart over Portland's location. The largest mural is a wave of colors with the message "Smile! You're in Portland."

Portland Trails is leading the project with the help of Portland Downtown and The City of Portland.

I can tell you, I've walked through this intersection many a time and you've really got to pay attention with cars coming from all directions. This should alleviate that problem for those who walk Portland and also give a drab corner a facelift that celebrates Portland and the State of Maine with local art.

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