Yessuh, it's getting chillier in the house every morning as we get closer to the end of the year here in the Northeast. We've got full tank in the basement at our house right now. I'd like to keep it that way as long we can.

Therefore, I, like many other dads in Maine and New Hampshire, am enforcing the it's too early to turn on the thermostat rule at least until November 1.

Get a fire going, plug in a space heater, wrap in a afghan, or cuddle up with dogs. We are not firing up the boiler yet.

This is of course, a very common struggle among couples and families every year right around this time.

New Hampshire humorist and musician Fred Marple of the "underappreciated town of Frost Heaves" has a another funny song for us thermostat controllers and the ones we love.

For this one Fred is joined by a member of his musical comedy troupe who plays the part of of his significant other. She is chilled to the bone and Fred seems unfazed by the cold.

This very funny performance is a parody of Puttin' On the Ritz. It's called Puttin On the Heat.

According to, heating fuel prices prices look pretty good right now with prices ranging from $1.499 to $1.749 in Portland.

Here's a quick way to compare before you order next hundred gallons or enough to top off your tank.

Now remember, I'm the fathah and it ain't cold in here until I say it is.

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