Every single year, more and more tourists flood into Maine to bask in our perfect summers.

Parking on Commercial Street in Portland becomes an impossible task, traffic on the way through Ellsworth is a nightmare, and cruises in Casco Bay sell out.

I don’t blame the tourists for flocking here; there’s a reason I live here, write about here, and love it here. Maine is a nearly perfect state and I am honored for it to be such a prized vacation location for a lot of people, including celebrities.

But, as much as I love my state and love to show it off, I can admit that I become saltier than the sea in the summertime when outsiders come en masse and take over the best parts of Maine. I find myself in my head constantly just thinking, “get out of my way!!!!”

I stumbled upon a hysterical video that was posted on Instagram and it perfectly summarizes why we get so annoyed at tourists who come here in the summer.

Funny Video Explains Why Summer Tourists Are Annoying

When the weather starts to get nice in Maine, it’s a really big deal for us locals because we’ve been grinding through a long, dark, and depressive winter to get to the sunny days.

As a funny video by Naira.bills shares, we earned our summers! We worked for them!

The hysterical video is based out of Chicago but perfectly explains how everyone from cold states feels about summer tourists.

As she rants about, tourists spend their winters out west, down south, basking in warm weather all year round, then have the audacity to come and enjoy our summer as if they haven’t been enjoying nice weather all year.

Our summers are a treat, a reward, an extremely special and short time for us to enjoy warm weather, days on the beach, and spending time in the sun. It’s a massive deal for us because winter takes over like, 70% of our year.

I love her point when she’s like, well you weren’t here when we were slipping and sliding and there was salt on the roads but you’re coming to soak up the summer? I don’t think so! We worked for this!

I understand there are benefits to the tourist season, whatever, but as a local, I am allowed to complain. Sue me!

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