Football season has begun and my friends are dropping like flies as they hunker down for the season and disappear for most of the weekend.

If you love a hardcore fan, then you know that enjoying football is more than the time spent watching the game. Party planning takes place, there is shopping and cooking to be done. Texts are flying, beer is chilling and plans are being made.

Some have a favorite sports bar that they head to and others have favorite couches or recliners that have been perfectly broken in for watching Maine's number one sport: football.

That leaves the rest of us who don't have the same passion for the game as our significant others or friends.

Maybe we talk during the game to see if anyone needs anything. Maybe we walk in front of the television accidentally during an important play and forever impact a friendship that had remained in tact since third grade.

I need to stay away from the those people for the good of the group.

My social shunning has led me to seek other sources of joy on Sundays. Here are some things that I really love to do while checking in on the game via my phone:

  • Eating is really nice. Whether it's a mimosa brunch or IHOP blintzes, I enjoy noshing and talking about tight ends stretching without disrupting an important game moment.
  • Flea markets and yard sales give me the endorphin rush of a touch down without having beer spilled on me, or having to pretend that I know what first in ten means. Yay, I guess...
  • It's weird, but I sometimes get on a laundry roll. All those soft, fluffy towels, neatly folded socks and the clean, warm fabric softener scent that makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Rules state that I must not change out of my pajamas while doing laundry. Bonus.
  • Sometimes I just like to go exploring and hang out in the Old Port, drive to Kittery or take the kids on an adventure.
  • Downton Abbey is on Amazon Prime and I'm working my way through so that I can watch the new movie.

That being said, I am truly happy when the Patriots win. I even take a little credit, because deep down by staying away, I am doing my part.

Sundays don't have to be sad for those of us who do not get, or are just not that passionate about football. We can have full lives too. If you are a football widow, what do you do on game days? Comment on our Fan Page.



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