If you've had to fill up lately you may have noticed a bit less of a pinch at the pump. And you're not alone. Gas prices in New England have been on the decline for a couple months and even though it's not easily found under $2 here in Maine, it certainly isn't over $3 anywhere in the state. (If it is you'd be a fool to fill up at that location!)

According to the most recent GasBuddy.com results for Portland and the state of Maine, the lowest price for a gallon is $1.99 but, of course, doesn't tell us where that location is. The average price for a gallon is about $2.28 in Maine which is down almost 20 cents from last month. Hopefully that trend will continue but experts say all good things must come to an end.

Those prices should last another 4-6 weeks, according to the website, but then seasonal demand factors start to kick in, and they expects Maine gas prices to jump significantly by Memorial Day weekend.


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